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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Woman jumps to death after flinging son down from building

In the second such incident in a month, a 34-year-old woman jumped to death from the terrace of her seven-storeyed building in suburban Dahisar here on Saturday (16-Apr-2011) afternoon, after flinging her 5-year-old son down.

Last month on International Women's Day, another woman jumped to death from the terrace of her building after throwing her two children down.

Husband couldn't believe it happened

Allegedly harassed by her in-laws, this housewife threw her five-year-old son off the terrace of a seven-storey housing society.

"Get up son. I know you are alive. Say something to your father. Your father loves you. Don’t do this to me," said Nilesh Chauhan in Gujrati on realising that the bodies lying in a pool of blood are those of this son Siddhesh and wife Dipti. He had come down on learning that someone had fallen off from the building.

Nilesh then moved to the body of his wife which was lying a couple of feet from that of his son. "Why did you do this? Please come back," he pleaded, before being pulled back by the neighbours.

Recalling the incident, witness Om Prakash Pandey, a businessman who resides in the building, said, "Nilesh was crying so hard holding their bodies that I had to pull him from there. He was obviously under a state of shock."

Husband and in-laws arrested

The police have arrested Deepti Chauhan's stockbroker husband Nilesh, his father Kantilal, elder brother Bharat and Bharat's wife Sarla on charges of abetment to suicide. Deepti is believed to have taken her son Sidhesh, known in the neighbourhood as 'Sidhu', to the terrace telling him they would play cricket there. "The child’s bat and ball are still lying on the terrace," said one of the residents.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Sunil Deshmukh said that Ms. Chauhan took the drastic step because her in-laws accused her of having an illicit relationship.

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