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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Indian sportswoman thrown out of train, loses leg

A 23-year-old national-level sportswoman lost her leg when she was pushed out of a moving train near Bareilly by three men who attempted to rob her.

Sonu Sinha, a national-level football and volleyball player, was thrown out of Padmavat Express on Monday (11-Apr-2011) night because she resisted a robbery attempt while she was traveling to Delhi to appear in an examination, police said.

Sonu is a resident of Ambedkar Nagar district. Around 6 miscreants were also traveling in the same compartment. They were harassing fellow passengers as the compartment was quite crowded. As Sonu tried to find a place for herself, the miscreants attempted to snatch her gold chain.

However, she resisted. In retaliation, the miscreants pushed her out of the compartment. Sonu fell outside on the parallel tracks and became unconscious. She was run over by another train and she lost her leg in the mishap.

She is now in hospital. ''I fell on the adjoining track, but could not get up. I was too late. I saw a train come and run over my left leg. The villagers found me and brought me to this hospital,'' said the sportswoman.

She boarded the train from Lucknow and was travelling in the general compartment, say media reports.

Police have registered a case of attempt to murder. None of her attackers have been traced.

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