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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mani Ratnam unveils book on AR Rahman

Oscar winner Rahman gets witty and candid about his life at the launch of his biography. It started little late but the launch of AR Rahman's book in a Juhu hotel was worth the wait.

While the launch was a bit delayed as Rahman's mother and sister were caught up in traffic, the wait was certainly worth it for the publishers, who were uncertain if the composer would have much to say.

Rahman however, surprised all by confessing about the trials and tribulations of his life. He narrated a small example to the audience, saying "One such moment was right after I had bought my studio. It was like a shell with an air-conditioner.

I had no money to buy any equipment. When my mother asked me what I needed, I told her I required Rs 4 lakh for all the equipment. So she sold some of my sister's jewellery."

It was Mani Ratnam, director and long-time friend of Rahman, who officially launched the book - A R Rahman The Spirit of Music - a the Novotel Hotel in Juhu, Mumbai. The book was the result of a series of conversations with documentary filmmaker and writer Nasreen Munni Kabir.

Mani Ratnam in his own words is "not just a fan of AR Rahman - the composer but a bigger admirer of Rahman - the person", making him the obvious choice to unveil Nasreen Munni Kabir's biographic work, titled AR Rahman - The Spirit of Music.

Before getting around to actually launching the book, Ratnam recalled on how they first met at Rahman's tiny studio. It was about one-fourth the size Ratnam was used to but the melodies he heard were simply beautiful.

Bollywood biggies like Ashutosh Gowariker, Ramgopal Varma, Subhash Ghai, Imtiaz Ali and others graced the glorious event in Mumbai on 06th of April 2011.

The book talks about Rahman’s honesty, intelligence and his unpretentious shine, his life and the world of music. It also carries rare photographs and a music CD with some of his selected tracks.

Speaking on the occasion, Rahman said, “I thank my family, guru and all musicians for their support and love. All of them are stepping stones in my life.”

The book took four years to come together, during which Nasreen spoke to Rahman some times in person, at others via a video conferencing facility.

Rahman, the Oscar hero went on to describe the people who contributed in his successful journey in music. Naturally, he mentioned Ratnam, his friend and early mentor, before going on to name Ashutosh Gowariker, Ram Gopal Varma and Subhash Ghai, all of whom were present. Also present were Singers Javed Ali and Madhushree, director Imtiaz Ali and percussionist Shivmani.

The composer said, "There are lots of facts about me. What Nasreen wanted is a completeness." He described the book as universal while still maintaining a simple tone.

Asked if he had yet endured failure after the high of the Oscars, he responded philosophically, saying that if fame came along in plenty, the opposite was also a likelihood.

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