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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Smile Queen Sneha of South Indian Cinema

Sneha, popularly known as the Smile Queen of South Indian Cinema, has been very different from other actresses and has experimented with a wide range of roles.
She has received a lot of appreciation for her bubbly nature and her ability to connect with the audience. The actress has achieved many awards and honors over the years and is maintaining as a most wanted star in South Indian film industry.

Recently released and critically acclaimed tamil film 'Ponnar Shankar' is the first release for the smile charmer Sneha in this year 2011. She has few more films under various stages of production including Vidiyal and Murattu Kalai.

Sneha and glam roles

Homely actress Sneha is known for her cute smile and her traditional roles. She has done few off beat roles but she has never jumped on the other side of glamour.

Sneha said in an interview, "I have lost many films because of my homely tag"

On being asked whether she would shed her homely image for glam roles, she said, "Glamour is different from vulgarity and I have never appeared vulgar in any of my films. I have always appeared in a way that my fans will enjoy and approve. In fact I have lost many films because of my homely tag."

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