Friday, January 29, 2010

Film Reviews: GOA and ISHQIYA

What happens when you pick up three youngsters from the wilds of rural Tamil Nadu and drop them on to the sun-and-sex-filled sands of Goa? Read more to know what says in its review.

GOA: Review by

Premgi and Jai have the best of everything. The surprise package, obviously, consists of Arvind Akash and Sampath -- the latter, especially. Is this the villain who screams at the hero in every other film? What a transformation! Shorn of his trademark moustache and beard, the actor brings Danny to life, and as he talks, sashays and flirts his way through the film, you're left gaping at his endearing performance with an accent intact.

Pia is endearing, Melanie is incredibly cute while Sneha, clad in modern-wear, plays a different role with panache. None of the women however have much scope in this all-male flick. But what little time they have, they've used well.

That, in a nutshell, is actually what Goa's is all about. There's practically no story to speak of; it's just every guy's fantasy come true, with babes, beaches and endless bathing. And plenty of SFX gimmicks to keep you in your seat. Thankfully, its characters are realistic and that keeps you going.

Enjoy this holiday for what it is, with no great expectations about a story and Goa might keep you entertained. >> [ Read complete review @ REDIFF ]

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Rarely are grace and profanity cited in the same breath. Debutant filmmaker Abhishek Chaubey's Ishqiya, however, is a privileged exception. Read more to know what says in its review.

ISHQIYA: Review by

Regardless of its colourful language, simmering sexuality, ribald humour and unabashed reverence for the offensive, the drama has enough lyricism, layers and eccentricity to stereotype it as grim or gawky.

Produced, co-written (along with Chaubey and Sabrina Dhawan) and composed by Vishal Bhardwaj, Ishqiya bears his stamp of brains, brilliance and blasphemy but leaves enough space for Chaubey to establish his credibility. And that's not an easy task when your film is set in the same milieu and texture as Bhardwaj's Omkara. But like Chaubey mentions in an interview, the similarities are mostly 'cosmetic.' He's quite right too.

If VB is the equivalent of Quentin Tarantino in Hindi cinema, safe to say with Chaubey, we have a Robert Rodriguez in the making. >> [ Read complete review @ REDIFF ]

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Selvaraghavan's two years in the making, action adventure Aayirathil Oruvan is a brave attempt and has hit the screens globally today(14th Jan 2010). Here, you get to see what has to say about the film in review.



The most eagerly waited Tamil movie of recent times is finally out.

And trust Selvaraghavan to choose a subject that would make any filmmaker shiver in his shoes. And yet, this is the kind of epic that everyone dreams about making in their lifetime.

War. Love. Betrayal. Instincts. Ancient history, a forgotten kingdom, magical powers and a ruined city. Yes, the stuff of dreams. And kudos to the director for even thinking of attempting such a story.

Reema Sen's back-story seems weak but who cares when she takes the fiery avatar and brandishes her assets so completely. In a way, though, she's a revelation, and is the reason the second half has some impact.

Karthi is his usual insouciant self and is simply a joy to watch no matter his lewd jokes. The guy acts with every pore of his body; it's a miracle to finally see someone use their eyes and face to actually express something.

As for Andreah -- barring a few moments -- the girl actually has precious little to do considering she's an archaeologist and should therefore shoulder much of the burden of a historical expedition.

G V Prakash's music sets the tone for the period pieces; otherwise, the BGM is adequate. Ramji's cinematography is brilliant but the movie could use some editing.


Credit goes to Selvaraghavan for having the guts to actually take a theme like this and to deliver it with some panache. So you can forgive the occasional hurdles, the Narnia/Lord of the Rings/Gladiator inspirations, briefly.

Steel your stomach before you watch it, though. Regardless of the minor discrepancies, AO is definitely a movie to watch. >> [ Read complete review @ REDIFF ]

Friday, January 1, 2010

How to be a Great man

Be her soul mate-
He has to be your best friend. You can talk to him about the good, the bad, and whatever comes to you. Communication is very important. He has to be able to express himself and not bottle things inside.

Share the chores-
If he is the great man, he would be helping around the house. On the other hand, mow the lawn and help your man.

Be appreciative-
He has to appreciate the woman you are. Appreciate everything you do for him. >> [ Read full article here ]

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