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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Poonam Pandey hospitalised before she could strip for the team

In a shocking statement, the kingfisher model Poonam Pandey recently said that she will shed her clothes if Team India wins this world cup, rather Poonam is extremely bullish about India's win and hence is all set to perform the unperformed.

How far can you go to celebrate India’s win at the World Cup this year? Well, nothing can match the scintillating claim of hot Indian model Poonam Pandey who says that she’ll bare all in front of the whole stadium if India lifts the World Cup!

Poonam, a self-confessed cricket fan and die hard supporter of Indian cricket team has decided to go nude if India becomes the world champion this year. The beauty who is one of the most downloaded model on the net said that she is just doing this to cheer the team and to keep up their spirits.

There was just one question after India lifted the Cup: What happened to model Poonam Pandey, who said she'd strip if we won?

The Kingfisher model who requisitioned the Indian cricket board saying that her bare-all act will have a therapeutic effect on the Men in Blue, said on Monday (04-Apr-2011) she intends to stick to her commitment.

Women in India are encouraged to dress modestly at all times, but a brasher side to modern life has been exposed after this popular model vowed to strip naked if the nation wins the cricket World Cup. Case of obscenity and a threat from Shiv Sena was enough to send model Poonam Pandey to go into hiding. “I don't care if people have a problem,” she told reporters.

While her fans and the media were wondering where Poonam Pandey had disappeared in the last three days, the model who promised to run naked if India won the World Cup has been admitted to a hospital to remove kidney stones.

“She was admitted on Monday night because she was experiencing trouble in her kidney. She is likely to be discharged on Tuesday (05-Apr-2011) night,” said her publicist. “But she will soon speak up,” he added. A couple of hours after this statement, the 20-year-old skinny model tweeted, “Be content to act but leave the talking to others”.

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