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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Vegetarians at lower risk of heart disease

Researchers claim that vegetarians are less likely to get heart disease, diabetes or a stroke than semi-vegetarians and non-vegetarians.
Vegetarians at lower risk of heart disease
A new study has suggested that vegetarians might be at significantly less risk of developing heart disease, diabetes and stroke than their animal-eating counterparts .

Loma Linda University researchers, led by Nico S. Rizzo, found that vegetarians experience a 36 per cent lower prevalence of metabolic syndrome than non-vegetarians.

Because metabolic syndrome can be a precursor to heart disease, diabetes, and stroke, the findings indicate vegetarians may be at lower risk of developing these conditions.

In an attempt to ascertain metabolic syndrome, researchers tested 700 participants, who volunteered for the study, for five risk factors, including high blood pressure, high glucose levels, high HDL cholesterol, elevated triglycerides, and an unhealthy waist circumference.

"The study indicates that lifestyle factors such as diet can be important in the prevention of metabolic syndrome. This work again shows that diet improves many of the main cardiovascular risk factors that are part of metabolic syndrome. Trending toward a plant-based diet is a sensible choice," the team said.

Details of these findings are published in April 13 issue of the journal, Diabetes Care.

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