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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

'Jungle Queen' Asin - Good friend Neil - Caring co-star Salman

There's been a buzz that Salman Khan and Asin will share a super raunchy kiss in their upcoming film Ready. But it was later learned that the reports were not true.

Bollywood actress Asin Thottumkal has denied having any sort of romantic inclination towards Salman Khan. The Kerala born actress said that she shares a professional relationship with Salman.

Could whispers of a rumour between Salman and Asin be far behind? To which she responds, "I don’t care," defiantly adding, "These are figments of some nasty minds. As an actor you are linked up with almost every other actor."

And what about her being Salman’s blue-eyed girl?" I am very fond of Salman, "gushes the actress. "He is a sweetheart. I was unwell while shooting for Ready in Sri Lanka and Thailand, and he would always remind me to take my medicines and also ensure that I have them in front of him. Salman is a very caring person. In fact at times, I wonder why he is called the bad boy of Bollywood."

Bollywood actor Neil Nitin Mukesh was often spotted with the Ghajini fame Kerala gifted Asin, and it as usual led to gossips making rounds. When asked whether the rumours about their affair is true, here comes what the charming actress had to say:

"Rubbish! Neil is a very good friend. We meet, have dinners and chat, that doesn’t mean we are going around. I guess these gossip mongers have forgotten about a term called ‘friend’. If I am seeing someone I will happily acknowledge it. Isn’t finding a great partner something to be happy about rather than hiding it?" she retorts.

Asin could well be tagged the 'Jungle Queen' if her adventures in Ready are any indications. From hanging down the trees to fighting it out with insects of various species, Asin's tryst with the film has been anything but ordinary over all these months. Another extra ordinary encounter that Asin had was with none less than tigers, and that too with an entire horde of them.

On being asked about the 'Jungle Queen' tag, she just laughed it away. "Yes, being with tigers was pretty liberating. But it was all very safe. It's just about getting rid of your mental block."

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