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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Anna Hazare clarifies his praising

Anti-corruption activist Anna Hazare sought to "clarify" that he was opposed to communalism even as he had praised chief ministers Narendra Modi and Nitish Kumar for their developmental efforts. After praising the two at a press conference, Hazare issued a statement "to clarify" on the "misinterpreted" line.
anna hazare
Chief ministers Narendra Modi and Nitish Kumar were praised by anti-corruption activist Anna Hazare for their efforts on rural development, with the Gandhian saying that their counterparts in other states should emulate them.

Chief minister Narendra Modi on Monday (11-Apr-2011) warned Anna Hazare that forces inimical to Gujarat would seek to tarnish his image in the same way as these forces have sought to tarnish the image of all those who have praised Gujarat's development.

Even as he thanked activist Anna Hazare for having praised his rural development activities in the state, Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi claimed it was the RSS that had first educated him about Hazare's work in villages.

Veteran Gandhians and activists have written to Anna Hazare, saying claims of rural development made by Gujarat under Chief Minister Narendra Modi were false and the noted anti-corruption crusader needs to correct his statement about the BJP leader.

"I am not in support of any party, but the work they (Modi and Nitish Kumar) have done at the grassroots level is needed. The rural development they have done should be imitated," Anna Hazare said in his clarification notes.

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