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Friday, April 15, 2011

After heart attack, some exercise helps

If you have a heart attack, the last thing you need is to rest up, a new study finds. In fact, your best chance of recovering is to get on the treadmill as soon as possible.
It's a saying that doing exercise prevents a person from diseases, but with changing world and health concepts it is now that exercise helps a person to be healthy after a disease too.

Early and prolonged exercise and not rest seems to be the best option after a heart attack.

A new study shows that the heart tends to become better with exercise sooner and with continued exercise over a longer period of time.

"While it has been shown that exercise has a favourable effect on heart function, it's also important to dispel the idea that what the heart needs is rest," said Mark Haykowsky, study co-author and researcher in rehabilitation medicine at the University of Alberta.

And the longer a patient puts off exercising, the harder they'll have to work to get back in shape, the study notes.

What's more, the study found no evidence getting active soon after a heart attack has any detrimental effects whatsoever.

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