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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Support growing for Krittika Biswas

The Indian government has taken "very seriously" the matter of a diplomat's daughter being illegally arrested in New York, even as the US administration claimed that family members of diplomats do not enjoy immunity.

Indian Consul General in New York has said the US State Department is wrong in its reading of the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations and asserted that diplomatic immunity is extended to family members of consular officers.

Krittika Biswas, an Indian diplomat's daughter who was wrongfully arrested on the suspicion of sending obscene emails to a teacher, does not need "diplomatic immunity", her lawyer said on Friday (27-May-2011).

With a $1.5 million lawsuit on the line, and the sympathy of the US's homeland security chief, the Indian media has made this 18-year-old's unfortunate tale well known to its audience.

Real culprit wasn't arrested

Ms Biswas said the real culprit was not even arrested or handcuffed.

Krittika said, "The school principal actually pushed for my arrest before checking facts. I was arrested on suspicion while the real culprit was forgiven after he apologized. School decided not to press charges against the actual culprit."

"I didn't understand that difference. School should have gathered evidence before pointing fingers at me. I hope the school learns a lesson from this incident." Krittika said.

She said here is security camera footage proof that she was at a mall when the incident happened.

"I wasn't even at the computer when the mail was sent," said Ms Biswas.

"My schools friends have been supportive, but teachers don't talk about it. I was absolutely clean therefore I took legal action. It's not okay to use your power to mess with people." Krittika added.

She is the daughter of Debashish Biswas, vice consul (administration) at the Indian Consulate General in New York.

Krittika said her claims of diplomatic immunity were ignored when she was handcuffed and locked up for more than 24 hours on February 8.

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