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Friday, May 20, 2011

Nanotechnology may help in heart repair

When you have a heart attack, a part of your heart dies. Specialized heart cells perish and you can never get them back. Doctors cannot repair these kinds of areas in the heart; the dead areas just sit there functioning no more.

Indian scientists in collaboration with Brown University have created a nanopatch for the heart that can regenerate natural tissue cells damaged due to heart attack.

Every heart attack kills part of the heart. It chokes off blood to the nerve and muscle cells that keep the heart beating. But future surgeons might implant a nanopatch that serves as scaffolding to regrow heart cells and resurrect the dead region.

It was found that this nanopatch was able to stimulate the regeneration of cardiomyocytes and neurons, suggesting that dead areas of the heart can possibly be brought back to life using this method.

The scientists noted that the scaffold's effectiveness is partly due to its elastic, durable nature and ability to expand and contract in the same way as heart tissue.

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