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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Actor Dhanush and the National Award

It was a rich haul for the Tamil film industry with respect to the National Film Awards for 2010, which were announced on Thursday (19-May-2011).
Actor Dhanush and the National Award
Kollywood's on a high, surely, even as it came up tops in the recently-announced 58th National Film Awards.

The announcement that Dhanush has won the best actor award for Aadukalam obviously has not come at the right time. Dhanush has been spending time with his father-in-law Rajnikanth who has been in the hospital for the last few days.

Not the right time to celebrate

For every actor, winning the National Award is an ultimate goal that sends them into raptures of joy and gives them an all-time high.
Actor Dhanush and the National Award
But for Dhanush, it is his father-in-law, Superstar Rajinikanth's health, that comes first.

“It’s indeed an honour that I’ve got this national recognition when I am this young but celebrations will have to wait till Rajnikanth recovers and returns home,” says the actor.

Speaking of his role in Aadukalam, the award-winning Kollywood flick, "Two things were difficult while filming Aadukalam - one, to look the part of a typical Madurai guy and the other, to handle roosters in the way they should be. Doing both of these while shooting the film was very memorable and will remain close to my heart," Dhanush says.

Dedicating National Award to Rajni

Actor Dhanush and the National Award
Like every actor who gets a national honour, Dhanush’s phone too has not stopped ringing. “The honour has come rather early for me and I am thankful to my parents, the director of the movie and my brother who taught me the basics of acting,” says Dhanush.

Rajinikanth is in ICU and suffering from pneumonia, Kidney and Liver problems. Dhanush has been taking time out to stay by his dad-in-law's side at the hospital. He said, "On behalf of all my fans and myself I dedicate this National Award to superstar (Rajinikant) and wish for his speedy recovery."

His voice becomes a little softer when he begins to talk about Rajnikanth. “We can’t wait for him to get back home and get back on track again. Like every youngster, I grew up watching his films and I admire him for his humility. He’s an inspiration not only for me but for young India. He’s a national icon,” says Dhanush.

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