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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Appa (Rajini) is recovering very well: Aishwarya

Tamil superstar Rajinikanth's condition is stable, but he has been advised two more days in the ICU, as learned from the hospital sources.

Says a doctor at Isabel: "Rajinikanth is now feeling better after we removed phlegm from his chest. Now he is full of energy as his health condition has improved."

Even in hospital, actor Rajinikanth is at his charming best. He walks around and chats up other patients at the St Isabel Hospital in Mylapore, where he is being treated for fever and breathlessness.

The other patients in the ICU were both moved and excited as the superstar went up to them and enquired about their health. "He is full of energy and his health condition is not stopping him from thinking about the others," the doctor said.

"Even the sickest started smiling on seeing their favourite star in flesh and blood," another hospital employee said.

Aishwarya, elder daughter of Rajni, who is near him told reporters: "Appa is recovering very well, but is taking complete rest in the hospital." She added that hospitalisation will not affect the schedule of the Superstar's magnum opus 'Raana'.

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