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Sunday, May 22, 2011

New life-sized robot that can read

Computer scientists have created a life-sized robot that can read notice boards and signs. Working with a PR2 robot from WillowGarage, computer scientists at the University of Pennsylvania's GRASP Lab pulled off this remarkable feat.

PR2, our favorite beer-fetching, laundry-folding robot helper, has learned how to read text.

The researchers successfully added the capacity for reading comprehension to an existing robot, one which had been originally built to perform myriad other tasks, reports CBS News.

The Robot PR2, which has been given the nickname Graspy, has the ability to read for itself.

Graspy can also helpfully point out the location of restrooms and professors' offices.

The Penn team said the amount of text that can be read at any one time is limited, though with time they hope it extends to longer texts.

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