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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bomb threatens Queen's visit to Ireland

A bomb was found on a bus near Dublin on the eve of the Queen's visit, which is not welcomed by everyone in Ireland.

The Queen is set to become the first British monarch to set foot on what is today known as the Republic of Ireland since 1911.

As Dublin finalises last-minute preparations for its first visit from a British monarch in a century, a ring of steel has been erected around key locations.

Queen Elizabeth will go ahead with a visit to Ireland despite a bomb being found on a bus near Dublin, the British Foreign Office said.

The homemade device was found in the luggage compartment of the bus and blown up by the army in a controlled detonation, hours before the Queen's first state visit.

London bomb threat

On the eve of the queen's visit to the Irish republic, there was a reminder of the old era of Irish republican threats to mainland Britain. There's been a warning, from one such group. It said it would detonate a bomb somewhere in London.

"A bomb threat ... has been received relating to central London today. The threat is not specific in relation to location or time," London police said in a statement.

A security source said the caller had used a codeword known to the police, lending credibility to the threat.

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