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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dhanush and Vetrimaran get National Award for AADUKALAM

Aadukalam, a tamil movie released on 14-Jan-2011, has won National Award for 'best director' (Vetrimaran) and 'best actor' (Dhanush). By the time the film released, critics had praised the movie as one of its kind.
Based on rooster fights that take place in the suburbs of Madurai, the film garnered critical acclaim and did good business at the box office.

Vetrimaran, the filmmaker had stayed in Madurai for almost six months to prepare the screenplay and sought the help of a professor friend to write the dialogues in Madurai dialect.

The film was a commercial success grossing almost 16 Crores at the box office,as per charts published by it raked a net amount of 30 crores.
Superstar Rajinikanth, who also happens to be the father-in-law of Dhanush, after watching the film by the time of release said, "It is a great film. A pucca commercial film with international quality. I was bowled over by Dhanush's performance and Vetrimaran's script and direction"

Rediff in its review said: Aadukalam is Dhanush's best works to date.

K.P. Karuppu of Aadukalam is one of Dhanush's favourites characters on screen.

The film, which had Dhanush and Taapsee in lead roles, had music by G V Prakash and was directed by Vetrimaran.

Update: Director Vetriman is also qualified to receive the 'best screenplay' award in addition to the 'best director' category.

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