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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Kanchana as reviewed by Rediff and The Hindu

Kanchana is a 2011 Tamil horror film directed and written by Raghava Lawrence as a sequel to his previous venture, Muni (2007). The film features himself in the lead role with Sarathkumar and Lakshmi Rai in other roles.

Rediff review

Choreographer Raghava Lawrencce's Kanchana is a continuation of his earlier film Muni as far as the characters are concerned, but is not technically a sequel.
It's supposed to be a horror film, but also has a 'cause' towards the climax which however gets drowned in the narrative.

The film may scare kids but no one else. The acting in many scenes is over the top and it's obvious that every effort is being made to appeal to the masses.

Lawrencce's acting is okay, but a bit overdramatic in most scenes and the dancing scenes are expressly for him. As a director he should have developed the theme better.

The Hindu review

Like the eerie tales telecast on Tamil satellite channels at nights for thrill-hungry viewers, Kanchana (U/A) is bound to find takers.
The latest from Raghava Lawrence's stable, is another foray into the occult and comes as a sequel to the 2007 film, Muni, also directed by him.

Lakshmi Rai returns after quite a while. Paired with Lawrence, it's a glam show all the way. And that's about it.

Thanks to effective CG, the supernatural sequences (there are several) in Kanchana impact.

As an actor Raghava Lawrence overdoes, as a dancer he is inimitable, as a director he impresses and as a storyteller he scores.

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