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Friday, July 29, 2011

Celebrate health with nutritious and delicious tomatoes

Tomatoes are now hot-favourites thanks to the much-talked about Tomato Festival in Spain as shown in the 2011 Bollywood movie Zindagi Milegi Na Dobaara.
They’ve been doing it in Spain since about 1945. Every August, tens of thousands of people flock to the town of Buñol to chuck tomatoes at each other. This weekend, July 31, the tradition is starting in Minnesota.

Let's talk tomatoes. The market is seeing lots of tomatoes. The amount of tomatoes, as well as the number of varieties, is remarkable. You can get green ones (fried green tomatoes), ripe red ones, yellow ones, heirloom varieties, all kinds of curry tomatoes and even yellow Romas.

A Research Proves that the fresh tomatoes be an effective alternative to drugs in decrease cholesterol, control blood pressure and stop heart disease.

Tomatoes have high levels of lycopene, with half a litre of tomato juice taken daily, or 50 grams of tomato paste, providing protection against heart disease, according to an Adelaide statement.

Lycopene is better absorbed in processed and cooked tomatoes or tomato paste rather than fresh tomatoes. As a supplement, lycopene is available in soft gelatine capsules or tablets.

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