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Monday, July 25, 2011

Amy Winehouse - Death and mystery

Globally known British singer Amy Winehouse had a medical examination the night before her death and was given the all clear, it has been reported.
Sordid details surrounding Amy Winehouse's tragic death have emerged, with claims that she bought a cocktail of narcotics including cocaine, ecstasy and ketamine in her final hours.

Amy Winehouse gained a lot of accolades for bringing such genres of music like Soul and Jazz to the mainstream, paving way for other emerging musicians, not only from the UK but also from other parts of the world.

Celebrity friends and her fans have been paying tribute to the singer, Amy Winehouse

The police are to fix a date later for the post-mortem examination into the death of Amy Winehouse.

Amy reached far and wide with her music, popularising her genre, gaining recognition and respect for her talent and sharing the rare gift that she had.
Amy Winehouse's final night was spent watching videos with her bodyguard, her management said, contradicting reports that she bought drugs hours before her death.

AMY's unfinished third album could be released posthumously, The (London) Daily Telegraph reports.

While it is believed that the songs recorded by the 27-year-old British singer are still nothing more than demos, sources told the newspaper there was plenty of material available for another album.

Unfortunately, her life was peppered with a manic depressive disorder and encounters with drugs and alcohol. She'd shown the first signs of a self-destructive tendencies as a kid. Her father Mitch Winehouse was once quoted as saying, "She's always been a very self-willed kid."

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