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Friday, July 22, 2011

Bollywood film SINGHAM reviews

Bollywood action flick SINGHAM, released this Friday (22-July-2011), is one of the quickest remakes to have been made in recent times. While the Tamil version had released last year with Suriya and Anushka Shetty as the lead couple, within a year the Hindi version is also ready. Here this blog lets you know about reviews for the film.

Rediff Review

In Rohit Shetty's mass-masala movie Singham, Ajay Devgn plays an upright, honest and do-gooder cop who goes way beyond the training and duties of a regular Indian Police Service officer.

He will stop to push a cart if its wheel is stuck in the mud; play with little kids; become a part time no-interest loan financier to settle a dispute between two people in his village, especially if someone is about to get married and it is their 'izzat ka sawal'.

Singham is packed with a lot of bone crunching sounds, and loud action moments. Gone are the days when Bollywood films just featured dhishum-dhishum in the fight scenes.

The fights are long, painful and yet fun to watch.

NDTV Review

For one, Rohit Shetty’s nifty reworking of the 2010 Tamil hit of the same title nurses no pretences. It is an out-and-out potboiler.
Shetty plays up the epic quality of the good vs evil clash without letting go of the strong streak of humour that is the Golmaal director's obvious forte. Thoroughly entertaining and consistently watchable, Singham delivers more than your money’s worth. If a feral analogy could be applied to a film, Singham is like the roar of a lion, unsubtle, unambiguous and power-packed.

Singham is an old-fashioned but rousing Hindi commercial film that pretty much restores one’s faith in this often-maligned brand of cinema. It has super-duper hit written all over it.

Yahoo Review

The film is about a humble village cop, Bajirao Singham (Ajay Devgn) who enforces law like a preschool moral science teacher. All accused and convicts are let off with a warning, as they're usually his friends and/or belong to the good ol' gaaon ki mitti, which is later distinguished from shehar ki dhul through a clichéd reference.
Singham also flexes his perfectly sculpted body to slap-whack-smash goons who try to get fresh with Kavya (Kajal Agarwal), a family friend, who plays quite 'easy to get' and swiftly falls in love and establishes herself as the female lead.

Devgn does a fair job and conveys sufficient conviction and humility through his character. Kajal Agarwal makes an unobjectionable debut and her eyes would surely inspire a few compliments.


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