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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Dilshan shooting in Chennai - Army officials questioned by CBCID

The CB-CID on Tuesday (05-July-2011) began questioning military personnel and civilians on the shooting down of 13-year-old K Dilshan at the Army Cantonment in Chennai on July 3.

The Army has said that it is providing full assistance to the local police that is conducting an investigation into the Dilshan shooting case.

Forty-eight hours after Dilshan, 13, died of a gunshot injury inside the army premises in Chennai, a lieutenant-colonel is in the dock.

The boy was shot at in the head on Sunday after he trespassed into the army officer’s enclave. At night he died of his injuries. While the police had ruled out any civilian role in the shooting, the army had maintained that its men were not involved.

Police sources have told media that an initial probe suggests that the shot was fired from a high-velocity weapon indicating the use of a rifle just like one that the Lt Colonel possesses. The police also say that soon after the crime took place, they cordoned the entire area, but the weapon was not found in the premises indicating that the suspect had shifted it to an armory in the vicinity. The movement of the Lt Colonel's vehicle also suggests, sources say, that he had gone out of the place and come back again.

Signals from the mobile tower also confirm the officer's presence at the scene of the crime, sources say, though he denied he was present when questioned. The police sources say all these factors along with some statements being found to be untrue are now adding up to make the Lt Colonel a key suspect.

The Army has reportedly given three names to the investigators, and asked the personnel to cooperate with the probe.

However, identification of the assailant may not be easy as the key witness may not have actually seen the perpetrator of the crime.

Dilshan's mother Kalaivani, a resident of Indira Nagar Colony near the Army enclave, on Tuesday told reporters that the man who killed her son should meet the same end. "He should not be put in prison, but shot like he shot my son," a distraught Kalaivani said.

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