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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Shah Rukh Khan and Ra.One

The official high definition trailer of Shah Rukh Khan's 'Ra.One' is out and by the look of it, the super hero flick is one action packed adventure to hit the screens this Diwali.
Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan, who dons the superhero suit for the first time in his upcoming film Ra.One, feels that Indian films need to move to the next level technologically to woo young audience.

"Ra.One is not a science fiction film though it is based on computers, which have become integral part of our lives. It's a regular superhero film, which should be a family entertainer," Shah Rukh said.

Partially made in 3D

SRK said that his upcoming film ''Ra.One'' will be made partly in 3D to attract the younger audience.

"We are carrying out a test to convert some parts of the film in 3D. Prime Focus is doing it for us. They have got a technology by which the film can be converted into 3D format, even after it is shot. But there are some reservations about it" Shah Rukh told reporters during the theatrical trailer of his film ''.

SRK takes cue from Alfred Hitchcock

"The more successful the villain, the more successful the picture" - it is these words by acclaimed filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock that inspired superstar Shah Rukh Khan to title his most ambitious superhero project, "RA.One" based on the villain's name.

"I have always felt this - and even Alfred Hitchcock said that in a movie, which has a larger than life hero, the villain's role should be very strong," the King Khan told reporters.

Entertainment for children

Superstar Shah Rukh Khan thinks that little attention is paid to entertainment for children in India and says his upcoming superhero film Ra.One is his first step towards tapping that market.

"Kids' entertainment is largely neglected in India even though there is so much scope in the segment. Ra.One is my first step towards that. The film's protagonist is a kid. But children don't go to watch a film alone, so the film is a family entertainer," said the actor.

The 45-year-old father of two said that despite being a superhero movie laden with stunts and visual effects, the film also carries a message for children.

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