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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Movie Reviews: Bhindi Baazaar Inc.

As the name suggests, the film is set in Mumbai's Bhindi Bazaar. The story revolves around two gangs of pickpockets, who are at constant loggerheads to prove their supremacy.

TOI Review

The underworld account has been kinda overdone in Bollywood to an extent that the once uncharted underbelly has, today, become familiar fiction onscreen.
While Bhindi Baazaar Inc. too doesn't break new grounds in terms of its story; it scores on its gripping storytelling style, some smart twists in its narrative and in creating an authentic aura of its Bhindi Baazaar backdrop.

Though the overall story is predictable per se, some smart twists keep popping up at regular intervals thereby adding variety to the narrative. Some original sequences like the shocking shemale episode or the premeditated spread of flu virus through syringes add resourceful realism to the film. The actual locations where the film is shot add to the authenticity.

Rediff Review

Bollywood has had its share of gangster films. Some have been well conceptualised, neatly scripted and well put together. Think Satya [ Images ] and Vaastav.
Ankush Bhatt's debut, Bhindi Bazaar Inc definitely doesn't fit into that category.

Ultimately, no part of the script ever matures into a full-fledged hook. There are moments when things seem to be looking up and it appears as if Bhindi Baazaar has finally found its footing. But it never does. All that is left eventually is a residue of aimless, incomplete bits.

DNA Review

What happens when amateur, inexperienced, and inefficient hands deal with an important project that holds the key to a whole new world?

Most likely you get a half-baked product, lethargically put together that may hold your attention for a short span but not enough to keep you hooked.

Bhindi Bazaar Inc is one such product whose packaging is attractive, but the real stuff turns out to be damp squib.

It’s beyond imagination how, with a cast so talented, a promising project like Bhindi Bazaar could go awry.

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