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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Caterina Lopez - Hottest new import to Bollywood

Watch one of the hottest item numbers come alive in this week's release Bhindi Bazaar, thanks to Bollywood's hottest new import Caterina Lopez. The Latino is better known as Jennifer Lopez's cousin but her sexy new number may change all that.
Caterina Lopez, who is doing an item number in the film wants to nail the performance. And for this, Caterina spent a lot of time in rehearsals and what keeps her going is Red Bull! The actress gulped down 10 cans of the energy drink in one day to keep her going.

About the song, the hottie says, "I am playing a bar girl and it's a very sexy item number. The song has got a very western look. I had a lot of fun shooting for the song, as it was something new for me. The song is very catchy and I guess a lot of people are really going to like it."

Taan ke seena, ho jaa kameena is a raunchy number and will show Caterina in three different costumes. The song pictures the transformation of the actress and the background dancers in terms of their costumes. It starts with the actress wearing a saree and ends up with her in a bikini.

The much-awaited item number goes like Caterina is stripping while she is dancing.

Katrina Vs. Caterina

About her Bollywood entry, Caterina says, "I just think I am very dedicated and very ambitious. I am looking to stay here for a long time and hopefully would give a tough competition to Katrina Kaif (laughs) but I am not interested in Salman Khan."
Somehow impressed by the success of Katrina, she says, "She is just a good example. In spite of not knowing anyone, she has made it big in Bollywood. I am not saying she is the best actress but she needs to be credited for what she has achieved."

Speaking about the JLo drama, Caterina shoots, "The JLo thing was blown out of proportion. So what if I’m her cousin? Does that really make that big a difference in Bollywood? I wish t be known as an actress and not a J Lo's cousin."

Caterina is all set to sizzle in a number of item numbers for her upcoming movies and she will also be seen in full fledged roles soon.

Bhindi Baazaar, the film set in the underbelly of Mumbai, between the infamous by-lanes where crime is prevalent as a way of life, is set to release on 17-June-2011.

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