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Friday, June 17, 2011

Avan Ivan - Kollywood film reviews

Avan Ivan is a 2011 Indian Tamil film, written and directed by national-award-winning director Bala. Produced by AGS entertainments, the film features musical score by Yuvan Shankar Raja, cinematography by Arthur A Wilson and editing handled by Suresh Urs.
As 'Avan Ivan' hit the screens today (17-June-2011), simultaneously in Tamil Nadu and in Andhra Pradesh as 'Vaadu Veedu,' one cannot fail to notice the grand opening the movie has received all over.

The film has come out as the solo big release this weekend and the director and stars are naturally positive about its prospects at the box office.

Rediff review

After four ventures exploring very different genres, National Award winner director Bala comes with his fifth film: AGS Entertainment's Avan Ivan, where he's tried his hand at more or less full-length comedy.
Naturally, the film has generated enormous hype: what with Vishal and Arya coming together for the first time, in an industry notorious for its king-size egos.

Avan Ivan does have, at its heart, a nice storyline with plenty of comic elements. But director Bala doesn't really capitalize on its strengths, and never pulls you into the story except in parts which is disappointing, as he is among today's trend-setters in Tamil cinema.

Avan Ivan may look good on paper but fails in execution.

Galatta review

Director Bala weaves characters and movies out of common people, many of whom may be considered undesirable and avoidable by the general public, e.g. gravedigger, drug peddler, sex worker, cannibal; Bala could keep pulling out these characters from our everyday lives to make movies. In Avan Ivan, it's a light-hearted zamindar, two thieving half-brothers, their foul mouthed moms and an 'everyone knows everyone' countryside.
Vishal, Arya, G.M. Kumar and veteran actress Ambika, as Vishal's foul-mouthed, theft encouraging mother, are the prominent characters. Janani Iyer as Constable Baby has a role to some extent, but Arya's pair Madhu Shalini's portrayal is vague.

Bala's signature climax fighting scene that seem like the world is coming to an end have been religiously added. Arthur Wilson shoulders Bala's love for the luscious landscapes of Theni, while Yuvan's music combined with Vishal and Arya's dance numbers are straight out of the streets.

Avan Ivan is a good watch, hence Bala has successfully reused his tested formula.

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