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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Simran and the Aappa Kadai in her name

[ Indian actress Simran in pic ]
Simran’s Aappa Kadai at Vadapalani is lit up with easy-on-theeyes light, soothing Bollywood music playing in the background.

Naina Mohamed, service manager, explained the history of Simran’s Aappa Kadai. Contrary to popular belief, the restaurant is not named after the Kollywood actress Simran, though she inaugurated it. It is named after the daughter of the restaurant’s owner, Arul Raj.

Simran’s Aappa Kadai also has three chains of restaurants running in Dubai. The one at Vadapalani is the first in India, and more such outlets are expected in the city.

what’s Simran’s Aappa Kadai is famous for and has made a name for itself in Dubai — the aappam. The aappams were being prepared in an open kitchen, where guests can watch the preparations.

Aappams of all mode and variety with interesting names were available.

News Source: Express Buzz

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