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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Shocking truth about Twitter and its content

A few years ago, the social networking site Twitter was virtually unheard of. However, it then started becoming very popular with the rich and famous, prompting a massive surge in users from the general population. Or was it the other way round?
: Indian actress Priyanka Chopra with Twitter team :

The rise of social media has turned it into a source of basic news for many people; even Twitter's character limit allows for a brief description of a newsworthy event, along with a link to more details. However, the ease of creating and sharing information through social networks has also raised concerns about how easily they can be used to spread misinformation, either accidentally or with intent.

Cornell University and Yahoo! Research have released a ten-page research report that offers insight into how content is being created, consumed, and shared by different groups of users on Twitter. Who says what to whom on Twitter? That's the subject — and the title — of the just-released report from Yahoo Research.

One of the most disruptive aspects of Twitter as a communications medium is that it allows anyone to instantly publish and distribute information to potentially thousands or even millions of people. There may be over one billion tweets generated on Twitter weekly. Researchers studying the origin of tweets have discovered that over half stem from the hyperactive tweeting of a tiny minority.

The study has found that only 20000 people are pretty much responsible for half of all tweets on Twitter. How many of those people actually make up Twitter's user base? Less than one percent..

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