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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ramya (Divya Spandana) - I am coming back

The recent controversy that divided the Kannada film industry takes a new turn. Ramya who had earlier decided to quit acting has now changed her mind. The actress, who is also known by her other screen name Divya Spandana tweeted, "I am coming back becasue my fans did not want me to quit".

The mess surrounding payment issues between Dandam Dashagunam producer A Ganesh and Ramya may have resulted in the latter wanting to keep away from films. It all began after Ramya failed to turn up for the audio release of Dandam Dashagunam produced by A Ganesh. The issue intensified when Ganesh took the issue to the producers' association and KFCC.

Meanwhile, defending herself, Ramya said she had given money to Ganesh and that he hadn't returned it. She shed tears in public and announced that she was fed up with the industry.

Reduced to tears by the mud-slinging, Ramya announced her decision to quit the industry. Meanwhile, the Artistes' Association said that no actor would act in Ganesh's films. The film chamber added fuel to the fire by banning Ramya and imposing conditions on actress Pooja Gandhi, who too got embroiled in a similar controversy. It also asked Ganesh to repay Ramya's loan before the film is released.

At last, actress Ramya will get back her money that was given to Producer of the film Dhandam Dashagunam A Ganesh.

Ganesh was seen with bundles of notes on a private TV channel on Wednesday. While participating in a programme, he said: “I would have settled this borrowed amount much earlier. But I had some financial difficulties. It is good that artistes understand the producer’s effort to bring out the film..”

But the good news for fans amidst all this is that Ramya has decided to act again after repeated requests by her fans. In fact, some fans staged a protest in front of the chamber yesterday.

Ramya who earlier shied away from the media is now more than willing to appear in TV interviews. Ramya told an interviewer that she had changed her decision to quit the Kannada film industry.

Senior producer Munirathna, who has tried to play peacemaker between Ramya and A Ganesh, the producer of Dandam Dashagunam, has even offered Ramya a role in his film..

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