Saturday, September 19, 2009

Married Couples Sleeping in Separate Bedrooms

Do you and your partner have sleep disturbances related to co-sleeping? Have you considered sleeping apart from your spouse to get better rest?

Why would you want to sleep in separate bedrooms?

Snoring:Couples who sleep in separate rooms are more likely to have better health as a result of sleeping better, according to new research. The most frequent reason for sleeping separately is snoring. Snoring is common and. does not necessarily indicate a serious breathing problem.

Research also points how sharing a pillow with someone who snores loudly can cause hearing loss. When one partner snores, the other partner often has difficulty sleeping, and this leads to partners sleeping in separate bedrooms.

For a better sleep: Sharing a bed with someone who snores, has restless legs, takes all the covers, brings work or food to bed and watches the TV until early hours in the morning is not easy to say the least. To have a good night sleep is not only essential for a person’s wellbeing, but it can also reduce the daily tensions in a couple. A person who has had a refreshing good nights sleep is ready to face the day in a good mood and cope better with the little problems of everyday life.

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