Wednesday, September 2, 2009

How to install Google toolbar in your browser

What is the Google toolbar?

The Google Toolbar is an additional download you can install for Firefox or Internet Explorer to help cater to your browsing needs.

Many different companies offer various toolbars to facilitate your search needs, even Yahoo offers a similar toolbar, but Google's toolbar is constantly adding new features and developments to make things easier for the average Internet user.

What features does the Google toolbar offer?

The Google Toolbar offers standard features no matter what version you are using:

For Firefox users, the Google Toolbar offers customer buttons that you can add to it for different features. You can set-up the buttons to take you to your favorite web sites, favorite search engines or to do other things you commonly do while using your browser. You can create your own buttons, take ones from the button gallery or search for new ones online to add features to. The Google Toolbar is customizable down to the last button.

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