Monday, September 14, 2009

Asin Thottumkal: Excerpts from an interview

The film which provided the breakthrough for Asin was Ghajini. More recently, Asin made her début in Bollywood, with Ghajini, the remake of its Tamil namesake, subsequently she won quite a few awards.

Asin talks about rumours and her career.

Rumour has it that Salman Khan gifted your new house.
I was shooting for London Dreams when this news broke. After reading the news, Salman came up to me and said, “How do you like the new house, which I have gifted you?” Ajay Devgan and Vipul Shah couldn’t stop laughing.

Are you in touch with Aamir Khan?
No. We had a professional relationship. That’s all.

What are your parameters while deciding to sign a film?
The most important factors are script, character, director, producer, co-actor - in exactly this order. While selecting a role, I completely rely on my gut instinct.

Is Asin the next Sridevi?
People have told me that, but it’s not a conscious thing. I admire her and I take it as a compliment.

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