Thursday, September 10, 2009

Better and Best Pets for children

As for any pet, adults must supervise interactions between children and exotic pets, and be prepared to take over primary care of the pet.

So, what is another pet you can get your animal loving child that won't put the marjority of the responsibility on you?

Fancy Rats

Pet rats make great pets, regardless what you may be thinking. They are docile, social, and just plain sweet.

Rats do better in larger cages with at least one cage mate, so make sure that you have the room for a medium sized cage.

Don't think, "Are you serious not one but two!" Two rats won't be any more trouble than one. It's actually easier.

Pet rats are easy to socialize and fun to train. Like the guinea pig, the fancy rat will bite seldom, and unlike the hamster, they aren't as fragile.

If you're thinking "if they're good pets like guinea pigs, why not just get a guinea pig?" Well, rats bond much better to humans than guinea pigs do. Yes, guinea pigs are socialable, rats bond to you not just interact with you.

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