Monday, October 19, 2009

BLUE -- bollywood movie review (by Rediff)

Blue, directed by debutante Anthony D Souza, sets a new benchmark in Hindi filmmaking. And the film is a warning to all those women who boast of their so-called bikini shots. Lara Dutta shows you how to wear the two-piece, and look like a goddess of the sea.


BLUE has great stunts, but no thrill - Says

BLUE(bollywood film) boasts of some stunning underwater photography, the likes of which you may not have seen before in an Indian film (Peter Zuccharini -- Pirates of the Caribbean). It has some scintillating action sequences (James Bomalick -- Die Hard 4, Mr and Mrs Smith) both on the ground and underwater, superbly shot.

Now that we are done with the pleasantries, here's what you actually need to know about Blue. It sets a new benchmark in squandering money and opportunity.

This film is an example how even with Rs 100 crore -- the reported budget -- worth of eye-popping gimmicks and stunts, you can make thriller that ends up being hilarious.

And that's largely because of the ridiculous plot, the inane dialogues and plain bad direction. The film has some cool songs, but a disappointingly weak background score. Maybe with the right kind of background music things would have looked up.

Blue was supposed to be a thriller. But if you made Captain Haddock of Tintin fame watch it, I am sure he would exclaim: Blue blistering barnacles! [ Read complete review @ Rediff ]

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