Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Asin fainted at a club in Andheri

Resting at her home on her birthday on Monday, Asin laughed, “I’ve become quite a hazard zone, haven’t I? Going by the number of mishaps, I qualify as the desi Calamity Jane.

Actually, I hadn’t slept at all that day or the night before. I had been doing back-to-back interviews for London Dreams for the last one week with just 3-4 hours of sleep.

On that day, there was no sleep or food at all. Anyway, I’m making up for the exhausting week with the most peaceful and happy birthday of my life.”


Exhausted Asin spends a quiet birthday

Kerala born rising bollywood star Asin Thottumkal, whose back-to-back promotional campaigns for 'London Dreams' left her exhausted, ushered in her birthday quietly with a few friends and family members. She says it was the most 'peaceful and happy birthday' of her life.

Today after conquering south India Asin is one of the hottest females in Bollywood following the success of her debut film Ghajini. So now all eyes are on her as London Dreams is her big ticket to establish herself in Mumbai tinsel town.

Fainting spells seem contagious in the industry. Priyanka Chopra started the trend, and now Asin follows suit. It’s worrying though, that the compulsion to maintain an hourglass figure is affecting the health of the actresses.

They lose weight at an alarming rate and resort to unhealthy dietary plans. It’s bound to catch up, sometimes even in public.

On Saturday (October 24), just two days before her 24th birthday, Asin collapsed at a club in Andheri where she was doing a series of non-stop television interviews for her latest film.

In the middle of the conversations, Asin simply passed out and had to be revived by her staff and friends who rushed forward with instant energy-boosters.

Asin is under tension as her second release in Bollywood London Dreams is opening on Friday October 30 worldwide. She is now on five city promotional tour for the film. [ Read more about her birthday ]

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