Saturday, October 17, 2009

AADHAVAN movie review and gallery

'Aadhavan' directed by KS Ravikumar starring Suriya and Nayantara in lead roles has hit the screens on Deepavali day(Oct 17 2009).


Aadhavan is clean fun - Says

Aadhavan is uncomplicated, clean, fun, and doesn't expect you to take it seriously. K S Ravikumar is known for his particular brand of movies: A little bit of action, dance, songs, comedy and thrills, all enveloped in a healthy dollop of lavish family sentiments, packaged attractively to entice even the most jaded viewer.
( Img: Surya with Nayan )

He's pretty much followed the same formula in Udhayanidhi Stalin's latest Diwali [ Images ] entertainer: the Tamil film Aadhavan, starring the ever-youthful Suriya.

Only this time, the director seems to have fallen for the latest fad as well; gun slinging assassins in permanent attack mode.

And the director, like most veterans, knows that the pace needs to be to ensure a crisp watch. After a series of slick montage of images, Aadhavan (Suriya) makes his entrance in company of Ibrahim Rowther (Shayaji Shinde), the all-tricks-up-his-sleeve ruthless killer who'll pick off any target for the right price.

And, like Ayan, Suriya dons all sorts of disguises in company of his mate (Anand Babu) to accomplish his missions, flitting from country to country, toting every weapon known to man, almost.

Naturally, he's in great demand, and is deputed by Reddy (Rahul Dev [ Images ]) for a big one -- killing Judge Subramaniam (Bharath Murali), who's hot on the scent of several child murders (mirroring the Noida killings). Our hero has to shut him up before his findings come to light but he's got to do it in Kolkata [ Images ], where the judge's huge family is holed up along with him.

Enter the comedy element, a big one, in the form of laugh-a-minute gag-man Vadivelu. [ Read complete review @ Rediff ]

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