Friday, August 5, 2011

I AM KALAM film reviews

Bollywood film I Am Kalam, released this Friday (05-Aug-2011) in India, has been showcased in various film festivals and has bagged various awards and honors.
I am Kalam revolves around the story of a child who is inspired by Dr. Abdul Kalam (former Indian President); and his trials and tribulations when he dares to dream to become like him. The film has so far won 1 National Award and 11 international awards.

The film celebrates the survival of human spirit against overwhelming odds and highlights the need for underprivileged children’s education. The film, aims at inspiring the poor to educate their children.

Rediff Review

Devoid of absolutely any known name in its cast, save for Gulshan Grover [ Images ], I Am Kalam is a welcome addition to the children's film genre which has often received short shrift from mainstream Bollywood.
On the basis of its story alone, this is a winner. However, director Nila Madhab Panda builds maudlin subplots around Chhotu which takes a great deal away than adds to the film. Chhotu itself is a wonderfully alive character, at par with Swami of Malgudi Days or Chaipau of Salaam Bombay!

There's a possibility that some day boys like Chhotu will grow up to lead this country. Whether he wears a tie, a Nehru jacket or styles his hair like Kalam, is entirely his discretion.

NDTV Review

His toothy, high-wattage grin is an outright winner. It lights up the desultory desert landscape. But there is infinitely more to I Am Kalam than child actor Harsh Mayar’s heart-warming screen presence.
This sparkling little tale of ordinary people with their desperate dreams and tremulous hopes, their stray highs and persistent heartbreaks, follows a genteel, unhurried narrative trajectory.

I Am Kalam draws its lifeblood primarily from the innate authenticity of its tangible characters and the sustained evenness of its pragmatic tone.

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