Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cute mallu actress Gopika Pregnant?

Kerala born tamil-telugu-malayali film actress Gopika has started acting again and then the news started making rounds that she is pregnant.


Kerala homely star Gopika pregnant?

Gopika tied the knot with Dr Ajilesh and had left the celluloid world to get settled in Ireland. However she has made a comeback through P Sukumar directed Malayalam movie Swantham Lekhakan opposite Dileep.

South Indian actress Gopika was seen during July 2009 with convex shape (indicating "baby bump" or pregnancy) which led to rumour mills start "confirming" that she is pregnant. When asked for confirmation at that time, Gopika laughingly revealed that it was a get up for her forthcoming Malayalam flick Swantham Lekhakan (Swa Le),in which she plays a pregnant woman.

Coincidentally, other reports indicate that the actress and her husband are really planning to become parents. In a recent interview during Kerala Piravi, Gopika had stated that the couple plan to start a family soon. Gopika also reportedly told her dad Anto Francis the happy news that he will be a grandfather soon. Confirmation is awaited.

But now, the real bump seems to be appearing, as Gopika was spotted with a huge belly recently even after the finishing of the shooting for the film.

Though nothing has been confirmed from the actress’s end as of now, the probability of Gopika being pregnant is almost certain! [ See more Celebrity Wedding Pics Here ]

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