Sunday, August 30, 2009

Plasma Tv Burn In and Prevention

How to Prevent Plasma TV Burn In

What is plasma burn in?
One of the biggest concerns of a plasma television buyer is burn in. Everyone has heard horror stories about plasma burn in ruining a display long before its expiration date. Nobody wants that to happen, and while many think it just happens, that is not quite the case. There are steps any plasma owner can take to prevent burn in.Plasma TVs and any phosphor based display can be affected by burn in. Burn in is sometimes referred to as ghosting or shadowing, but burn in seems to be the phrase that makes plasma owners shudder. However, as much as this used to be a major problem for plasma owners, newer models and displays are becoming more adaptive and have built-in technology to prevent most shadows.Is it really up to you?
Every plasma owner can prevent burn in by taking a few simple steps. Never leave your television on if you are not watching it, even if you are watching something that constantly moves. Make sure to turn off the TV when it is not in use, and make sure to not pause DVDs or videos for more than 15 minutes at a time. >> Read more

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